Evidence of inhumane detention conditions of political prisoners at Akrestsina

19 May 2021 | StopPropaganda Foundation
Source: Voice of Belarus

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The Minsk Detention Center at Akrestsina became notorious far beyond the borders of Belarus after the presidential elections on 9 August 2020. It turned into a symbol of the security forces brutality against detained peaceful protesters.

State propaganda and the management of the detention center deny numerous facts of cruel treatment and inhumane detention conditions.

However, released people continue to testify of torture. People complained about the lack of mattresses and walks as well stuffiness in overcrowded cells. They also talked about “physical measures”, mentioning that a concentrated solution of bleach was poured onto cells floors, making it difficult to breathe in a cell.

Such inhumane conditions of political prisoners’ detention, deliberately created by the administration of the detention center, are regarded by human rights activists as torture.


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