Emergency room resuscitation doctor detained after healthcare workers’ peaceful protest

12 August 2020, 21:44 | Radio Free Europe
Healthcare workers form a chain of solidarity in Malinauka District of Minsk, 12 August.
Source: Radio Free Europe

Police detained an ER resuscitation doctor after healthcare workers formed a line in solidarity with the victims of Belarusian police brutality.

According to the eyewitnesses that Svaboda talked to, after the end of a peaceful protest called “Physicians with the People” – where healthcare workers formed a line in front of the Belarusian State Medical University next to Malinauka subway station – several participants headed to the parking lot to get into their cars. There, a group of five people was approached by the police. Three men were thrown on the ground. One of them was detained and taken away.

The name of the healthcare worker who was detained is Bogdan. He works as a resuscitation doctor and anesthesiologist in an ER. Bogdan is about 30 years old.

The other men in that group were not detained. However, everyone was searched, though nothing but medical scrubs was found. The police checked everyone’s identity. As for the women in the group, they had to give police access to Telegram chats and channels to which they had subscribed.

The police were not in uniform, but they had balaclavas and truncheons on them.

“They said it was the first and the last time that luck was on our side, and we managed to avoid arrest,” an eyewitness told Radio Free Europe.