“This fight is first and foremost spiritual”

Pavel Seviarynec addressed Belarusians from the pre-trial detention center

10 September 2020 | Krynica
Source: Krynica

Volha Seviarynec, the politician’s wife, has posted on her Facebook that she has received letters from her husband. These letters contain his appeal to the Belarusian people.

“We have to pray for God to lead and inspire us, for churches to pray with us as well, for people to believe. Faith that acts with love can break down all the fortresses of the Evil.  The deep roots of Hell: the spirit of the impenitent sick Communism, disbelief in God, the hatred of a human are the main reason [of evil], ingrained in this land and people’s hearts. The spirit of lies, of violence, of slavery, the idols of devildom prosper here (it is well-understood in Kurapaty and places like that).This fight is first and foremost spiritual. And when the spirit of faith, truth, freedom, justice is in the air, when it inspires people, simple words and simple things follow. I believe that God is watching Belarus now.”