Belarus | Week 14 of protests (9–15 November)

Another innocent victim of the regime – the whole of Belarus mourns

17 November 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
Source: Voice of Belarus. Cover photos: Taken from the video.

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Belarusians are shocked by the murder of Raman Bandarenka, a resident of the Square of Changes. He died on 12 November in intensive care after masked men kidnapped him from his own courtyard and beat him. 

On the Square of Changes, as well as in many other courtyards and streets across the country, people gathered to honour the memory of Raman. Thousands of caring people brought flowers to the spontaneous memorials, lit lamps and candles in the windows of houses in memory of the latest victim of the inhuman regime of Alexander Lukashenko. Raman’s death shook the Belarusian society so much that the actions of solidarity were held throughout the country. 

The Sunday rally in Minsk was held under the slogan “I’m heading out.” These were the last words of Raman Bandarenka. 

Following a special instruction from Lukashenko – to finally restore the order in Minsk – the security forces used stun grenades and gas to disperse the protesters. The demonstrators were arrested massively and severely beaten during detention. All this prevented people from organising themselves into a column. 

In fact, the brutal dispersal ended in a military siege of the courtyard of the Square of Changes. Over 1,200 people were detained.

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