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Human freedoms in Belarus are at the level of belligerent countries; a report on the illegal use of weapons by the Belarusian security forces; former Minister of Internal Affairs spoke to the security officers about the protesters saying “take these scumbags out”; Lithuania reports increasing Russian military presence at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border 

4 March 2021 | Voice of Belarus
Source: TUT.BY

The level of human freedoms in Belarus is the same as in Uzbekistan, Yemen, and the Gaza Strip 

“Freedom Worldwide” report by the human rights organization Freedom House provides the rating. 

Belarus has become the second country where the level of freedoms decreased by 8 points in a year. The reasons for this are the actions of the security forces who tried to suppress peaceful anti-government protests.

Now the level of human freedoms in Belarus is estimated at 11 out of 100 points. Yemen and the Gaza Strip, which are at war, received the same number of points.

Political rights of people in Belarus were rated at 2 out of 40 points, civilrights – 9 out of 60, the independence of the judiciary and the rule of law were rated at 0 points.

Source: TUT.BY

BYPOL and iSANS prepared a report on the illegal use of weapons by the Belarusian security forces

BYPOL and iSANS have prepared a joint report (warning – the document contains images of physical injuries) on the illegal use of weapons by the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus after 9 August 2020.

The document details not only the injuries from various types of weapons, but also all types of hand weapons and ammunition that Lukashenko’s mercenaries illegally used against participants in exclusively peaceful protests. The use of firearms at civilian mass gatherings is prohibited by the law On the Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.

In Minsk alone, in the period between 9 and 22 August 2020, at least 1,141 people sought medical help in connection with injuries received during the dispersal of peaceful protests by the security forces of Belarus. 

During this period, 64 civilians in Minsk suffered from mine and explosive injuries, at least 45 people (including 3 journalists) received gunshot wounds as a result of the illegal use of weapons by the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other security forces of Belarus.

Former Minister of Internal Affairs spoke to security officers about the protesters using the words “find a scumbag and get rid of him”

The BYPOL initiative has published an audio recording of the speech of a man whose voice resembles that of the former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Karayeu.

On the recording, Karayeu allegedly calls those who disagree with the authorities “fat philistines”.

“Pursue those who threaten us, the officials. And especially you personally. Drop everything, find this scumbag and take him out. This is my instruction to you,” the voice says.

Also, Karaieu allegedly has the audacity to call the Belarusian people “stupid” and “narrow-minded”.

The recording ends with a “joke” – “we saved the country with a bruised ass”, after which applause is heard.

Yury Karayeu served as the Minister of Internal Affairs from June 2019 to October 2020, and then became Lukashenko’s assistant in the Hrodna region.

Source: TUT.BY

Lithuanian special services report on possible threats: military forces at the border, the KGB and Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant

The Lithuanian State Security Department and the Second Department of Operational Services (Lithuanian Military Intelligence) released a report, where experts from the departments assess the risks and threats to the country. Belarus is often mentioned in this document. 

The attention is drawn to the increased presence of the Russian military forces in Belarus. Russian military activity near the Lithuanian and NATO borders is expected to intensify in 2021, according to the report. 

Lithuanian intelligence reported that the Belarusian KGB is recruiting Lithuanian citizens on the territory of Belarus with the help of threats. Lithuanians are approached by women who enter into sexual relations with them, and then blackmail them with photo evidence, forcing them to cooperate.

The Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant has long been an invariably hot topic in the Belarusian-Lithuanian relations. The report notes that the power plant was launched without completing the proper system tests which are critical for its safe operation.

Source: TUT.BY

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