Security officers’ chest cameras video: Lukashenko “disperses” protesters with a machine gun and thanks OMON

3 December 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup

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Source: By_Pol

The BYPOL initiative has received new documentary evidence from the life of the “heroes” and their “president”. This is not the first time a video from the security officers’ chest cameras has been leaked.

The video captures the events of the legendary “March of New Belarus”, which took place on 23 August. It was then that the world saw footage in which Lukashenko flew in a helicopter and then ran with a machine gun in his hands, accompanied by a minor son in full combat gear. 

Lukashenko personally came to “disperse” the protesters. However, this happened at a time when more than 100,000 people had already left and only a few participants of the March along with many security officials were standing in the cordon at the Independence Palace.

Judging by the video, the security officers in the cordon did not immediately recognize Lukashenko and were also dumbfounded (this can be understood from the foul language in the video) not only by his appearance with a weapon, but also by his youngest son Nikolai with a pistol and ammunition. “East” is used as a codename for Lukashenko.

It was on 23 August that Lukashenko generously expressed his gratitude to the “defenders”, called them “you rock!” and promised not to remain in debt for the “feat” they had accomplished (by the way, these phrases were cut out for the state TV covering). As for protesters, he called them rats.

By that time, it had already been known about thousands of detainees, beaten, raped civilians by security forces. They were tortured in prison, there were maimed and beaten during arrests. Several people were killed and died under strange circumstances.

To date, 3 December, about 31 thousand people have been detained since the beginning of the protests after the presidential elections in Belarus on 9 August.

At the moment, 146 people have been recognized as political prisoners.

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