“We are not supporters of general lustration and persecution of the innocent”

Appeal to the security forces of the representative of Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya on the international affairs Valery Kovalevsky

19 February 2021 | Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya – YouTube
Source: Voice of Belarus

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A fantastic show is taking place in Brest these days. The killer acts as a victim, and the survivor is accused of having survived. At this trial, the name of the person who murdered Henadz Shutau was announced. This is Raman Gaurilau, captain of the 5th brigade of the special operations forces. During this process, we learned that the commander of the Special Operations Forces gave the order to issue military weapons.

This is very revealing. The state hides employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under masks and fictitious names, and representatives of the Ministry of Defense are easily and simply revealed to the public. The perpetrators will be ratted out without a doubt. This is a signal to all those involved in operations to suppress the protests.

Now he’s trying to convince you that he’s withheld and will seek revenge. He is rapidly losing followers, and those that remain are subject to constant loyalty checks. He did not dare to disperse the “disloyal” in the fall, so that you would not join the protesters. And so now he is getting rid of everyone. Those who signed for another candidate, who didn’t stop the man with the flag, who chose to follow the law and not dirty their hands with criminal orders.

He throws you out of the system one by one. The 4th department of the KGB for the protection of the constitutional order was completely disbanded. There are layoffs in the Investigative Committee, the Operative Analytical Centre and even the Main Directorate for Combating Organised Crime and Corruption. All central offices are being actively cleaned up. The queue for Class D Driver’s License from former police and security officials – there will soon be many officers among truck drivers.

In the meantime, vacancies in the system are filling with difficulty. The security department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is already taking people with administrative offenses not related to traffic violations. This has never happened before. Experienced professionals among prosecutors, judges and investigators are being replaced by young professionals – in order to use them as a machine to pass groundless judgments on journalists and doctors.

The longer Lukashenko uses you, the dirtier your uniform and the darker your future.