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Belarus is in mourning – a young man beaten up by riot police died in intensive care, Coordination Council member Alana Gebremariam is detained, Miss Belarus 2008 got additional 15 days of detention for a photo published on social media

12 November 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
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Raman Bandarenka is the new victim of the regime

Raman Bandarenka died in Minsk without regaining consciousness from the injuries he received. The night before, he was a witness to unknown men appearing in the courtyard of one of the houses by the Square of Changes. The unwanted guests were ripping off the white-red-white ribbons that decorated the fence next to the house. After a verbal exchange with the strangers, he got involved in a scuffle. Raman was beaten, captured and dragged into a minibus similar to the ones used by the riot police during rally dispersals. Shortly after, he was delivered to the intensive care unit from a police station in a comatose state with cerebral edema and other injuries. Doctors performed a highly complex surgery that lasted several hours.

Late next evening, less than a day after the incident, Raman died without regaining consciousness. He was 31. He was his mother’s only son.

That evening, on the Square of Changes and many other locations around the country, people gathered to pay tribute to the young man. Thousands brought flowers to the emerging memorials and lit candles in their windows in memory of the new victim of the brutal regime of Alexander Lukashenko.

Belarusians across the world also paid tributes to the memory of Raman.

Raman Bandarenka on the Square of Changes.
Gathering in memory of Raman Bandarenka in Vilnius (Lithuania).
Source: Basta Telegram channel
People’s memorial on the Square of Changes.
Source: Motolkohelp Telegram channel

Another member of the Coordination Council has her home raided

Member of the Coordination Council and the representative of Sviatlana Tsihanouskaya for youth affairs Alana Gebremariam had her home raided. In the morning, she reported that strangers were breaking into her house; after that she could not be reached. According to incoming messages, she was taken away for investigative actions. However, it is unknown what criminal case this is related to.

Alana Gebremariam.
Source: KYKY Telegram channel

Riot police block the road for the march of people with disabilities

People with disabilities have once again come out in Minsk to protest and say “no” to violence, torture and abuse. Starting from one of the city’s central squares, they started moving down the main avenue but were soon cut off by the riot police. As a result, march participants had to turn around and seek shelter in the Red Church in order to avoid unjustified arrests.

Miss Belarus 2008 received an additional 15 days of detention while still in prison

Miss Belarus 2008 and former press secretary of the Brest Football Club Volha Khizhynkova was sentenced to another 15 days detention. It should be noted that this happened while she was already serving her sentence of 12 days for participating in a protest action.

Photographs of Volha during one of the Sunday marches became the reason for the new sentence.

Torture is still taking place in Belarusian prisons. Brutal conditions in the detention center were reported by the famous Belarusian basketball player, Yelena Leuchanka.

Volha Khizhynkova.

Medic responded to Natallia Kachanava: “Dialogue will take place wherever the people of Belarus will decide to have it” and joined the Coordination Council

Nikita Salavei also said that he is joining the Coordination Council as he is convinced that the Republic of Belarus “is currently in a state of crisis due to a lack of public confidence in the current government” and that his goal is to “help Belarus using his professional knowledge and competencies within the areas of healthcare and education to overcome the current crisis”.

The principal infectious disease specialist had a sharp response to Natallia Kachanava’s (Chair of the Council of the Republic) statement that “there will be no dialogue in the streets” and reminded her of the “unprecedented violence of the security forces towards peaceful civilians” as well as the manipulation of statistics on COVID-19.

Nikita Salavei.
Source: Nikita Salavei’s Facebook

Riot police breaking into apartments in the Kaskad housing complex

This morning, security forces once again appeared in the courtyard of the legendary Kaskad housing complex, where residents always had white-red-white flags flying during protests.

Security forces, deliberately using – among other things – a drill and crowbar, were trying to break into the apartments of some activists as well as people who were independent observers during the presidential elections in Belarus. Several people are confirmed detained.

In addition, the security forces carried out a “special operation” to remove the huge white-red-white shorts, demonstratively hung out by residents in the courtyard of the residential complex.

Source: Kaskad Telegram channel via TUT.BY

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