Letter from hunger-striking political prisoner Ihar Losik

Not a single visit in prison in 7 months: Ihar’s wife read a letter from him

22 January 2021 | Radio Svaboda
Source: t.me/radiosvaboda. Cover photo: BELSAT.

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Darya Losik read a letter from her husband, who has been on a hunger strike in a Belarusian prison for almost 40 days (as of 22 January 2021, the date of the recording of this video message).

Ihar’s health and life are in danger, his blood pressure is unstable, and he is constantly dizzy. But he does not intend to give up no matter what.

Actions in support of Ihar Losik are taking place all over the world. Some ask him to stop the hunger strike, others support his decision not to give up, but one thing is clear to all: the charges against Ihar are absurd and politically motivated; and his case is fabricated.

Ihar is a founder of Belamova, one of the most popular Telegram channels in Belarus, as well as a blogger and consultant for Radio Svaboda. He was detained on 25 June 2020, even before the presidential election. His only fault is that he spoke the truth, which the Lukashenko regime does not like.

Ihar is 28 years old; his little daughter is growing up without him.

We call on people to demand the release of Ihar Losik and prevent another death among those who are fighting the totalitarian regime in Belarus.

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