Former Minister of Internal Affairs Karaieu calls to “find this scum and kill them”

8 March 2021 | BYPOL
Source: Voice of Belarus

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BYPOL released an audio recording in which former Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Karaieu discusses how to deal with protesters. Karaieu served as the Minister of Internal Affairs from June 2019 to October 2020, and then became Lukashenko’s assistant in the Hrodna region.

Judging by the recording, the security forces were preparing for a real war. Karaieu says that the OMON riot police had saved the country, that the security forces acted like the Russian troops in Chechnya, and gives advice on how to treat protesters: “stop everything, find this scum and kill them”.

Karaieu calls the Belarusian people “dim” and “narrow-minded”, saying, “they will only be grateful when they lose us and starve thin to the bone; then they will remember what country they had. We have no right to give them a taste of how it could have been otherwise!” For Karaieu, Belarusians who disagree with the authorities are “fat mediocre people”.

The recording ends with a “joke”, “We saved the country by the blue ass”, after which he is applauded.

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