Appeal of the Catholic bishops of Belarus

25 November 2020, 17:23 |

For four months now, our homeland Belarus has been in an unprecedented socio-political crisis which, unfortunately, is getting worse. Violence does not stop, blood continues to be shed, society is divided. This does not portend a happy future for our country because, as Christ said, a house divided within itself will not stand (cf. Mt 12:25).

It is hard to believe that such a thing is happening in our peace-loving land, known for its tolerance and harmony among people of different denominations and nationalities.

The Catholic Church, guided by the Gospel and the social teaching based on it, speaks out against violence, lawlessness, injustice and untruth and condemns them. The Church calls for a peaceful resolution of the problems that have arisen through dialogue in the spirit of love for God and neighbor, in compliance with God’s and human laws.

We, the Catholic bishops of Belarus, join the appeal of Pope Francis, which he addressed to the state authorities after the Angelus prayer on 13 September 2020. In it, the pontiff called on them to listen to the voice of fellow citizens and meet their legitimate aspirations, ensuring full respect for human rights and civil liberties.

At the same time, we want to emphasize that the main goal of the Church is to proclaim the Gospel for the sake of building the Kingdom of God, which is not guided by the principles of this world and does not claim earthly power. Therefore, the Church does not perform state functions and cannot be used by anyone for political purposes.

At this fateful time in the history of our homeland, as the Holy Apostle Paul taught, we must bear one another’s burdens (cf. Gal 6:2), and provide mutual support and solidarity to build a united, not divided, Belarus.

We call on Catholics and all people of good will to continue to offer their prayers for a speedy and peaceful resolution of the crisis, for as Christ says, blessed are the peacemakers and those who seek justice. May good triumph over evil.

Peace and goodness to you, our homeland Belarus!

Catholic bishops of Belarus

Minsk, 25 November 2020