Belarus | Week 31 of protests (8–14 March)

Lukashenko’s cynical regime pushes political prisoners to extreme measures

14 March 2021 | Voice of Belarus
Source: Voice of Belarus

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Stiapan Putsila’s film “Golden Bottom” about Lukashenko’s wealth broke all records of popularity on the Bynet. At the time of the premiere, it was watched by more than 100 thousand people. And today the total number of views has been approaching 5.5 million. Residences, cars, accessories – following the example of his “big brother” Putin (whose love story with wealth was told by Alexei Navalny in his investigation) Lukashenko does not deny himself anything. He himself, however, called the film a lie. Even European money is used to enrich the dictator. How is this possible? The answer is given in the film.

The rhetoric of the authorities toward the West has not changed since August: Belarusians are being intimidated by a potential war with the West. Although, in fact, the regime has been waging a war against its own citizens for more than six months. In August they were beaten, raped, and tagged with paint. Many are still being held in deliberately inhumane conditions. The only way to express one’s protest against what is happening is a hunger strike, and sometimes an attempt at suicide. Last week two political prisoners tried to cut open their veins. Three political prisoners have been on hunger strike. And it is important not to let them die. After all, the regime already has enough victims. On 12 March, 4 months after the death of Raman Bandarenka, we commemorated everyone who had given their lives for the freedom of their country.




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