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Audio recording about the construction of concentration camps has been proven authentic; the police arrests schoolchildren walking on the streets of Minsk; the first sentence is pronounced in the “Tsikhanouski case”

2 February 2021 | Voice of Belarus
Tsunami by Volha Balai
Tsunami by Volha Balai.

Audio recording about the creation of concentration camps in Belarus has been proven authentic

Mikalai Karpiankou
Mikalai Karpiankou.
Source: TUT.BY

TUT.BY, the largest online information portal in Belarus, commissioned a phonoscopic analysis of the audio recording that was published by the BYPOL initiative in January 2021. In the recording, a man with a voice similar to that of the Deputy Interior Minister, Mikalai Karpiankou, says that Lukashenko has personally approved the security services to use any method necessary to suppress protests, and mentions the plans to build a network of camps for keeping the protesters. The Russian bureau GlavExpert LLC, which is in the field of independent expert analyses, has been asked to conduct a study on the matter. Their highly qualified specialists have concluded that the voice on the audio recording belongs to Karpiankou. No editing of the recording has been discovered. Confirming the authenticity of the recording is of great importance in proving the multitude of ongoing human rights violations in Belarus.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe is concerned with the situation in Belarus


The Human Rights Committee of the OSCE PA [Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe] called on the international community to hold the Belarusian authorities accountable for human rights violations, torture and ill-treatment of the detained during peaceful marches. The OSCE PA insists on the release of all those who have been detained for dubious reasons, including Ihar Losik. The report mentions that despite the abundant evidence of ill-treatment, not a single criminal case has been opened against the law enforcement officers. Human rights experts have also expressed concern about the camp allegedly built for keeping the protesters, and are calling for an independent investigation into the matter. The OSCE PA is ready to openly discuss the issues of concern with the Belarusian authorities. The international community should help ensure due process of law.

Schoolchildren are among those who were arrested, or rather, abducted, last Sunday

Tsimur Niadzvedz, 13 years old.
Tsimur Niadzvedz, 13 years old.
Source: NN.BY

Casual passers-by are among those arrested on Sunday 31 January. The 15-year-old girls, who have been on their way to a cafe, and 13-year-old Tsimur Niadzvedz, who has been returning home with his father after a rehearsal, are among the arrested. Tsimur Niadzvedz is a young actor who has played the part of the famous Belarusian poet, Yanka Kupala, in the series with the same name. The parents were informed by the police office that their children’s information would be passed on to the juvenile commission, and the parents could be punished for improper parenting. The teenagers were very scared and stressed out. The future consequences of these arrest are still unknown. The representatives of law enforcement agencies called the teenagers’ schools, inquired about their families, and demanded to look at children’s files. After the arrest, Tsimur and his father had not been allowed to talk to each other. They also had not been allowed to use the toilet for a substantial amount of time. During the interrogation, the boy had been intimidated and threatened that he would not be able to enroll into any university. On Monday the news broke that Tsimur was registered with the police. The parents are convinced that their children have been illegally detained and are considering how to protect their children’s rights in this situation.

A political prisoner received seven years of maximum security prison

Dzmitry Dubkou
Dzmitry Dubkou.
Source: Viasna Human Rights Center

Dzmitry Dubkou, 29, was accused of stealing a truck, violently threatening the police forces, and participating in mass riots. Today, the Savetski district court in Minsk has sentenced Dzmitry to seven years imprisonment in a maximum security penitentiary colony. In his last word Dubkou said it was unacceptable that in the country of law and order he had been held captive for six months. He emphasised that he had not seized or stole the truck, but had only agreed to re-park it and had returned the keys after that. He also said that there had been no collision. He compared life in Belarus with Orwell’s Animal Farm.

The first sentence was pronounced in the “Tsikhanouski case”

Uladzimir Niaronski
Uladzimir Niaronski.
Source: Radio Svaboda

A blogger and a creator of the YouTube channel Slutsk for Life, Uladzimir Niaronski, was sentenced to three years in a general regime penitentiary colony. Niaronski was detained in May 2020. He has already fulfilled several terms of administrative arrest since then. And in June it became known that a criminal case has been opened against him for colluding with Siarhei Tsikhanouski, the author of the Country for Life blog, who was going to run for presidency in the spring of 2020. Uladzimir Niaronski has been recognised as a political prisoner and a prisoner of conscience. This is the first sentence in the so-called “Tsikhanouski case”. According to Niaronski, he had suffered a stroke while being detained in prison for more than 250 days in completely unsanitary condition. After the sentence was pronounced Niaronski addressed his daughter. “Daughter, be a smart girl! I love you a lot,” said Niaronski.

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