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Europe introduces the third sanctions package; woman beaten by riot police officers sentenced to two years of probation; free Belarus territory appears in Paris

17 December 2020 | BYHelp-Mediagroup
Source: Belarus Now

EU introduces the third package of sanctions against Belarus 

The European Union has adopted the third package of sanctions against the Belarusian authorities and businesses.

The list of those who came under the restrictive measures of the European Union includes 29 people. These are officials of republican and regional levels, media personalities, as well as two businessmen who are associated with Alexander Lukashenko. The list also includes judges and representatives of law enforcement. 

Sanctions were also imposed on 7 companies. Most of them are working in the defense sector: Barysau tank repair enterprise “Repair Plant 140”, “Agat Electromechanical Plant”, which develops automated control systems and electronics; “Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant”, whose wheelbases are used for various weapon systems, and “BelTechExport”, which sells weapons and military equipment abroad. The list also includes the “Main Economic Department” of the Office of the President of the Republic of Belarus, a major private construction company “Dana Holdings” and the IT company “Synesis”. 

The restrictions imposed by the sanctions include a ban on entering the EU, freezing of private and company accounts, as well as a ban for EU residents to directly or indirectly providing access to financial resources and cooperating with businesses on the sanctions list. 

“Belarus.Protest.Art.” exhibition is taking place in Paris

Source: 59 Rivoli

An exhibition of Belarusian protest art is taking place in Paris. The art space at 59 Rivoli Street has been declared the territory of free Belarus. 

Belarus.Protest.Art.” is an exhibition and collective action that goes beyond art and brings together artists, designers, illustrators, photojournalists and activists involved in the struggle of the Belarusian people against the “last dictatorship in Europe”. Their works are the result of a direct reaction to the dramatic events of the past four months that have severely shocked Belarus and have already deeply impacted its modern history. 

The exhibition presents among others a series of drawings “Dollhouse” by the artist Nadzya Sayapina. She was arrested and sent to prison at Akrestsina Street which since August is notorious for torturing protestors. Nadzya spent 15 days there during which she made a series of documentary drawings depicting the interior of the prison, the daily life of prisoners and portraits of people she met there. 

Until the end of the exhibition on 27 December, the 59 Rivoli Gallery will host a number of public events, conferences, screenings, concerts related to the theme of protests in Belarus. On 21 December, the conference “Belarus: a women’s revolution?” will be held at the gallery with the participation of Olga Shparaga, philosopher and co-founder of the independent European College of Liberal Arts in Minsk and a member of the Coordination Council, and Alexandra Gujon, a French political scientist and specialist in Belarus.

It is symbolic that during the exhibition representatives of the Belarusian diaspora in Paris spoke about the creation of the People’s Embassy: “One of our most important functions is to keep Belarus on the agenda. The second function is to build bridges between democratic Belarus, the civil society of Belarus and the democratic countries in which we are located.”

Kickboxing world champion Dmitry Valent withdrew his signature from the appeal of pro-government athletes 

Dmitry Valent. 
Source: Charter 97 

Two days ago, the news that the World and European Muay Thai champions Dmitry Valent and Andrei Kulebin signed a pro-government letter appeared in the media. 

However, today Dmitry Valent made a statement on Instagram: “I want to comment on the situation with the letter I signed. After signing this letter I realized that my decision was ill-advised. I am against the split in the sports community for political reasons. I respect the athletes who opposed lies and violence as foul play and violence are incompatible with sports and Olympic principles. Unfortunately all of this is still going on right now in our country and it must be stopped. So I have firmly made up my mind to revoke my signature and be honest with myself. I am on the side of the people of Belarus!” 

Earlier, some of the most famous Muay Thai boxers condemned the violence of the security forces: three-time world champion Siarhei Skiba, multiple champion of Belarus Alexandra Sitnikova, champion of Belarus Anastasia Kalashnikova, multiple world champion and famous coach Yuri Bulat and multiple champion of Belarus Ivan Ganin.

A woman beaten by riot police officers was sentenced to two years of probation

55-year-old pharmacist Maryna Palikarpava was sentenced for “violence” against two riot police officers Darya Bandarchuk and Maryia Mazurkevich in Hrodna.

Maryna Palikarpava. 
Source: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty via KYKY

The case concerned the events of the evening of 9 August. That night, Maryna, who was walking around the city, was detained and severely beaten by two young female OMON riot police officers, Bandarchuk and Mazurkevich, for a prolonged period of time. But a criminal case was opened against Palikarpava. According to her, when she was strangled she instinctively bit one of the police officers on the hand to protect her life. 

According to the medical examination, Maryna received many bodily injuries: 51 bruises and abrasions which could have stemmed from 13 traumatic effects – both from contusions and strangulation.

Maryna Palikarpava’s lawyer insisted that his client’s guilt was not proven but judge Ruslan Gurin sentenced her to two years of probation. The accused was also ordered to pay more than 1,100 euros compensation for personal damages to the OMON riot police officers as well as to the state treasury for the medical examination. 

OMON riot police officers Darya Bandarchuk and Maryia Mazurkevich.
Source: KYKY

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