The National Strike Committee Has Formed an Organizational Committee. Assistance to Strikers

18 August, 2020, Salidarnastc

Andrej Stryzhak, a civil rights activist, announced the formation of an organizing committee aimed at supporting the national strike committee and assisting strikers.

In addition to Stryzhak, “Palchis, Likhachevsky, Podgorny-Asterman” joined the committee. Most likely, he was talking about Eduard Palchis, a blogger, Yaroslav Likhachevsky, CEO of Deepdee (a Dutch healthcare startup), and Alexander Podgorny, CEO of Asterman.

Stryzhak wrote the following:

«The European Union is working on a number of sanctions against Lukashenko and his clique. At the same time, in addition to developing documents, they consider ways to provide assistance to all strikers during the whole period of strikes.

– The Solidarity Fund was formed to gather financial contributions from businesses and individuals willing to support workers. The national business community also declared their support to strikers.

– The National Strike Committee will put local strike committees in direct contact with businesses that will support relevant companies.

To connect with businesses, the representatives of strike committees are advised to message @BYNZK or +375445100511 on Telegram.

Social package

– We have already started negotiating with cafes and restaurants willing to supply hot meals to workers.

– Many entrepreneurs are willing to offer discounts, gift certificates, free services, and healthcare assistance to workers.

– Belarusians offer support to workers in preparing their kids for school if needed.

For businesses willing to help workers: fill in the form.

For individuals willing to help workers.

For those who need help.

Education and retraining

– IT-companies are ready to help the workers’ kids who would like to complete IT training.

– Retraining and employment opportunities will be offered to strikers who will be fired.

– There will be free online courses for future IT and non-IT specialists.

Form strike committees at your workplaces (see the legal guidance here), get organized, and Belarusians will surely support you».

Previously, the initiative BY_help promised EUR 1,500 to each person fired for striking.

Currently, there are strikes at many large Belarusian companies: Belaruskali, Belarusian Metallurgical Plant, Naftan and others.