Assistance to Law Enforcement Officers of the Republic of Belarus

Law enforcement officers are with the people of Belarus.
Let’s defend Belarus and the future of our children together!

If you have any ideas or want to help, please contact us.

The Belarusian people won’t stand aside amidst the recent unprecedented events. Today it’s more critical than ever to support everyone who has been left without a job due to their political beliefs and extend a hand of solidarity to those who want to live in a free and democratic Belarus. 

Our fund provides assistance to Belarusians who were injured or lost their job as a result of political repressions. If you need help, just fill out the form and answer simple questions on how we can help. We preserve complete anonymity. The fund accepts requests from anyone who needs help and distributes assistance based on the principles of openness and transparency, accountability to donors, and respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens. You can help via Facebook Donate, Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Belarusian IT entrepreneur Mikita Mikado also provides help to law enforcement officers who found themselves in a difficult position owing to their refusal to execute unlawful orders.

I appeal to the Belarusian law enforcement. If you want to be on the side of good but your financial situation doesn’t allow that, ask me,
and I will help. I also urge other entrepreneurs to join this initiative. Together we’ll convince these guys not to beat up women, children
and fellow citizens. If the problem is related to money/bank loans – we can solve it. Don’t be afraid to do the right thing. We’ll help you…

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Over 170 ByChange volunteers united to help Belarusian citizens who lost their jobs because of their beliefs, actions or expressed opinion. Losing a job is not a catastrophe. Losing a job is a chance to reflect on your life. To acquire new knowledge and skills. To change your view on a habitual way of life. Volunteers are ready to tell you about the possibilities of the IT sphere, help you understand which specialty suits you best, and help you master it!

Members of the security forces resign en masse

We believe in honesty and decency of most of the members of the security forces, who followed their hearts giving the oath to serve the people of the Republic of Belarus. Unfortunately, many are forced to resign to avoid following illegal orders. The most courageous have expressed their position publicly!

In the near future, we will share more photos and videos.

Why are we doing this?

Unlawful orders are given and executed. Citizens, including women and children, are being beaten up. Peaceful people are being illegally detained and arrested. Perjury is rampant and court proceedings are being forged. Many innocent citizens are threatened with real prison sentences. Law enforcement officers are losing credibility among the population.

What should law enforcement officers do?

We are asking law enforcement officers of all ranks to uphold the oath they have given and to obey the laws of the Republic of Belarus. Please persuade your colleagues to do the same. There are already many of you!

Don’t obey
criminal orders

Refuse to comply with illegal orders on the grounds of Article 40 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus. Don’t resort to violence and don’t detain peaceful citizens. Don’t forge court proceedings and don’t participate in perjury. Don’t come in to work, if necessary.

Make all
crimes public

Reveal the names and positions of those law enforcement officers issuing and following illegal orders. You can do this openly with the help of social networks or anonymously, contacting independent media.

Support lawful
transfer of power

Support the peaceful and lawful transfer of power to the newly elected President Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, as well as the preparation and holding of new elections. Help restore the credibility of the security forces and government institutions in the eyes of the public.

Excerpts from the requests

Many fragments of the requests we have received are hard to read. We provide full anonymity, so we can’t publish even the names and ranks of the authors.

Our commander called and told us to move to the square to act as a
reinforcement. I wrote a resignation report stating that I refuse to follow
illegal orders against the people. They didn’t release me following my report, but fired through a penalty article. I told them that I would not come in to work. I was ashamed to wear the uniform and look people in the eye.

I filed a report for resignation by mutual agreement. But at the moment
they are refusing to release me through the agreement and threaten to fire me either under a penalty article or on discrediting grounds. I agreed with that, just because I don’t want to serve and obey incomprehensible orders anymore.

I refused to come to work and wrote up a resignation report, but they
refused to accept it. Some kind of Gestapo proceedings were happening at the police department: people were falling into a coma out of pain. They were beaten and humiliated. I was told by the colleagues who continued working that a criminal case was about to be filed against me. I decided to avoid the risk and left the territory of the Republic of Belarus that same day.

I was dispatched to the Akrestina prison. I have absolutely no desire to
serve in the police after what I saw there. When I was choosing to work as a police officer, I intended to serve my nation, not just one person. I have decided to quit, but they won’t just let me go. In a month’s time, I’ll have to deposit all the contract money. I don’t have it.

We will publish more excerpts in the nearest future.

An appeal from citizens to the law enforcement institutions

You will be supported by the public in Belarus and abroad

Uladzimir Burko
“Arsenal” TV host

I want to appeal to the military services: soldiers and officers. You are waiting for an order. You are well aware of what that order will be and very likely to understand what the consequences for Belarusians will be, who just wanted justice but will get a bullet from you instead… Wake up before it is too late… Communicate to the Security Council and to your leadership that your methods and the methods of the sibling structures are barbarian and inhumane…

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Darya Domracheva
Four-time Olympic
biathlon champion

I love Belarus, my PEACEFUL home country! And I mean peaceful! Please ask everyone in a position of authority, the commanders of OMON [riot police] squads, to STOP THE VIOLENCE. Prevent this unjustified horror on the streets from continuing. Any conflict can be solved peacefully. No exceptions. Please hear me.

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Yury Dud
Journalist and videoblogger

I understand that no state can exist without strong guys and girls. But I have a feeling that you gained this strength and became superheroes not to maim your unarmed compatriots. If you are doing this by your own will, I think you’re wrong. If you are doing this by the order of your commanders, you should tell all such commanders to go f*ck themselves…

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Thank you for your persistence, willpower, dedication and courage!